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Published: 22nd February 2012
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Taxi headrest PCs and taxi advertising headrest screens are often found in the market for very low prices. It is common to see low-end parts, unreliable power supplies, low-brightness LCD screens as well as underpowered processors being using inside of these systems. Using storage mediums such as SD cards and CompactFlash cards allow the manufacturers to produce the taxi headrest players for cheap, as these parts are not intended for 24/7 in-taxi long-life use. Taxi headrest PC and LCD screen manufacturers commonly sacrifice on the LCD screen quality, very often using 250nits brightness and low contrast (500:1 ratio) LCD panels. Such LCD panels are low-cost, as well as offer a sub-par viewing experience for taxi cab passengers. Advertisers are not advertising effectively is they are displaying their static or video ads on screens which blend the ads and background together (low contrast), as well as low brightness screens where the LCD image is “washed-out” and virtually non-readable due to sunlight. The V5 In-Taxi advertising tablet counteracts all of these issues by displaying vivid, crisp advertisements to passengers using a high contrast and high-brightness (sunlight readable) LCD display panel.

The reliability of the power supply design and components are crucial in the selection of an in-taxi advertising system. Typically, taxi headrest PCs and taxi advertising headrest screens use low-cost components, as well as a design that is not intended to function in a taxi environment. These low-cost power supplies inside of the taxi headrests can lead to many issues for the digital signage or advertising company that has deployed these headrest screens in a large fleet. Firstly, the taxi’s electrical environment is a harsh place for electronics. Proper protection filters and regulation must be used to deliver smooth operation inside of the taxi cab 24/7. During engine cranking, the driver starts the vehicle, the power levels in the car drop to very low levels, and suddenly spike to very high levels. This takes an enormous toll on electronics that are not designed to take this punishment. The Revosys V5 In-Taxi advertising tablet offers an industry leading 5 Volt to 38 Volt power input range, even suitable for buses using 24 volt systems. This robust power supply is specifically designed to provide smooth, noise-free power to the taxi advertising system, which ensures long-life operation in taxi cabs as well as a clean, crisp image on the LCD display, free of any electrical noise or “crosstalk”.

Digital signage and taxi digital advertising companies seek an interactive taxi advertising platform that provides a smooth and seamless display of all content on the screen. Most taxi headrest PC and headrest LCD screens are powered by a low-end CPU such as an ARM or Intel 1.6GHz CPU first generation ATOM CPU. Neither of these solutions can offer smooth transitions within directories and on-screen menus, especially while playing Rich Media advertisements and high definition video ads. These CPUs are typically maxed-out as far as their performance capability well before any additional services are activated such as facial audience measurements, payment processing or taxi rooftop digital display or geo-location based advertising. The Revosys V5 In-Taxi Advertising and Taxi Card Payment Processing system provides an industry-leading Dual Core 1.86GHz Intel CPU with high-end, next generation graphics engine. Advertising inside the taxi cab, as well as taxi rooftop advertising and even mobile data terminal/taxi dispatch is all controlled from a single V5 in-taxi tablet.

If deciding between typical taxi headrest PCs and a state-of-the-art Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Advertising, Cab Security, and Taxi Payment system, the decision is clear. The V5 tablet offers secure, yet versatile mounting, a design that does not interfere with stock-factory crash-tested headrests, a robust power supply designed for harsh electrical environments, true Solid State Storage for long-life data retention and aversion to shock/bumps in the road, as well as a powerful industry-leading Dual Core processor which provides Digital Signage and Taxi Advertising Digital Media companies with the ability to drive applications such as facial audience measurement statistics that can provide the most beneficial advertising capabilities in the taxi advertising world.

The Revosys V5 In-Taxi Advertising, Cab security and Taxi Payment system offers an industry-standard locking mechanism using Aircraft Grade cable. Revosys is also a leading provider in Open frame touchscreen, Open frame monitor and Open frame lcd.

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